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We want to focus on your health, beauty, and quality of life. Our mission is to provide you with extensive patient education and work closely with you to find solutions that fit your lifestyle. All cosmetic consultations with us are complimentary, and with no obligation. We will stay ahead of the current technology and will always advocate for patient safety. Choosing an aesthetic procedure is not about being vain; but is a service that can improve quality of life, psychological well-being, and that supports empowerment!



We want the best for our patients, which means our patients trust us.  Ultrasound is another obvious and visible step in the process of safety. Ultrasound imaging brings us to the next evolutionary step in aesthetic medical practice.  No longer having to inject blindly means that we have the ability to identify and avoid larger blood vessels, reducing the risk of bruising and potential vascular compromise. Patients who attend our practice where we use ultrasound imaging routinely can be confident that their practitioner is using every tool in the box to ensure that they have an effective treatment.  Using ultrasound meant that we can position our dermal filler exactly where we need it to be, meaning better aesthetic outcomes.


Who We Are

karen markovich


Owner & Medical Aesthetics ARNP

Certified Medical Dermapigmentation specialist, Licensed Permanent Cosmetics Artist in Washington and certification through Nouveau Contour

Specialties: Neuromodulators, facial fillers, medical micro-needling with RF & PRF, PDO Threads, Exilis, Thermoclear, and Skin Care Treatments

Karen Markovich was born in Washington state and grew up in Kitsap County. She graduated from Central Kitsap High School and pursued her nursing degree.  She married the love of her life and they settled in Kitsap County and began raising her family in the very place where she grew up. While working at Harrison Hospital Emergency Department she developed a passion for critical thinking and  knowledge.  Working across several medical disciplines gaining valuable knowledge. 


At age 31 Karen was diagnosed with breast cancer. With the support of her family, medical providers and friends she continued to work.  When the treatment was completed she made the decision to pursue her Nurse Practitioner (NP) degree first from the University of Washington and then graduate degree from Pacific Lutheran University.  She continued to work in the emergency department as a NP for several years, then transferred to Group Health working in Urgent Care and Family Practice.  

Karen has always had an interest in empowering her patients and improving how they feel about themselves.  Her passion for medical aesthetics developed twenty years ago while seeing a nurse practitioner herself. She feels that medical aesthetics improves ones quality of life and psychological wellbeing that supports empowerment.  After practicing in medicine for 32 years she decided to retire and open Admire Medical Aesthetics.


Karen discovered she has an eye for facial symmetry, successfully mastering the art of achieving natural treatment outcomes for her patients. Her cosmetic injectable skill set has made her highly sought in the field of aesthetic rejuvenation.  


Office Assistant

Specialties: Customer Service

Liv Caizza, a talented individual ready to make her mark in the beauty industry. Ever since graduating high school in June 2023, Liv has been dedicated to pursuing her esthetician license. With a passion for makeup and skincare, she has set her sights on working in a Medical spa as our office assistant/receptionist.

Liv's experience in competitive all-star cheer for 5 years has honed her discipline, determination, and teamwork skills. She carries these invaluable qualities into her professional career, ensuring excellent communication and seamless interactions with clients, colleagues, and business partners.

With a keen eye for detail and a strong commitment to customer satisfaction, Liv excels in providing exceptional support and delivering top-notch service. Her enthusiasm for the beauty industry is evident in her dedication to staying up-to-date with the latest trends, techniques, and industry innovations.

As an aspiring esthetician and office assistant/receptionist, Liv Caizza is ready to combine her passion for the beauty industry with her strong interpersonal skills. Her goal is to contribute to the success of our Medical spa by providing exceptional assistance, fostering positive client experiences, and thriving as a valuable team member.

liv caizza headshot


PMU Artist

Specialties: Permanent makeup and permanent jewelry 

KarieAnn was born and raised in Southern Colorado in the small town of Canon City, after traveling for a bit she landed in the Kitsap Peninsula and fell in love with Washington! Karie started her journey in permanent cosmetics in 2017, when she attended her Microblading course through World of Microblading and practicing out of Admires 1st ever location! Through the journey of motherhood and the pursuit of a different career she took a break for a bit until she reignited her passion and brushed up her skills with micro-pigmentation the newest technology and techniques by attending Nouveau Contour Academy! 


Karie in her free time loves to take her daughter out on adventures and get out on the paddle board, go boating and hiking! 


While currently working in the permanent, make up a field, Karie is also pursuing her love for massage! She will be attending Port Townsend school of massage for the remainder of the year, so keep your eyes peeled for model openings!! 

karie martin


danielle karrmann

Practice Manager

Specialties: Marketing and Customer Service

Introducing Danielle Karrmann, our accomplished Practice Manager at Admire Medical Aesthetics. With a solid foundation in hospitality and a diverse range of skills encompassing Hotel Management, Marketing, and Customer Service, Danielle embarked on her journey with Admire, bringing her talents to our team.

On a personal note, Danielle shares her life with Ethan, her partner of 12 years, and they proudly care for two feline companions, Irish and Chibbs, alongside a lively Boxer named Elli. Together, they cultivate a warm and vibrant household.

Beyond her professional achievements and the joy of home life, Danielle possesses a deep love for the great outdoors. Camping, hiking, and kayaking are her preferred adventures, while she equally relishes quiet moments at home with a captivating book and a comforting cup of coffee. As a devoted enthusiast of true crime, Danielle's unending curiosity adds a delightful dimension to any gathering.

Danielle Karrmann's unique blend of skills, unwavering commitment to excellence, and strong leadership qualities make her an indispensable asset in her role as our Practice Manager. She excels at transforming challenges into opportunities for growth, ensuring the continuous advancement and innovation of our practice.


flora poe

Licensed Master Esthetician

Specialties: Laser Services

Born on National Estheticians Day, Flora is a Master Esthetician deeply dedicated to advanced beauty treatments. Specializing in laser services, she finds particular joy in Tattoo removal.


Her commitment extends to creating a serene and revitalizing experience for clients, ensuring optimal skincare results. Beyond the treatment room, Flora channels her creativity into building/refurbishing furniture, tending to her garden, and crafting vibrant decor for her home.

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