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The Goal

Provide an opportunity to join a 6 month meaningful membership program at Admire Medical Aesthetics and enjoy ongoing regular professional treatments.  Admire Medical Aesthetics members enjoy an exceptional value, along with privileges and benefits that are exclusive for Admire members.  The Admire Medical Aesthetics EMP is designed to reward our loyal guests with incentives and special offers that only Admire Medical Aesthetics members can receive.  We know how important it is to look beautiful and feel confident in your own skin, so we make it easy;  Becoming part of the Admire Medical Aesthetics EMP you will be able to enjoy the full range of Admire Medical Aesthetics services in a timely and affordable experience.



Platinum Package ($149.00 per month)

  • 20% off all Anti-Aging Facials/Micro-needling

  • 15% off all cosmetic and esthetician treatments

  • 15% off any other Injectable services

  • 10% off Retail Purchases

  • $2.00 off each unit/dose of Tox treatments



Gold Package ($99.00 per month)

  • 10% off all Anti-Aging Facials/Micro-needling

  • 7% off all cosmetic and esthetician treatments

  • 7% off any other Injectable services

  • 5% off Retail Purchases

  • $1.00 off each unit/dose of Tox treatments

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We wish to offer this EMP to our loyal guests as a way to save on your regular patronage of our spa, with no risk. Our EMP requires a 6 month commitment and are automatically billed to your account on the first of every month, but you can cancel at any time after 6 months.  Simply provide a written 30 day notice and your card will not be billed again?  Admire Medical Aesthetics reserves the right to amend the terms of our EMP agreement at any time with advance notice.  Admire Medical 

Aesthetics also reserves the right to cancel any EMP for any reason and will provide written notice in advance.



A cancellation of a EMP will occur at the end of your current monthly membership cycle.  If the EMP is cancelled less than 6 months, all EMP  benefits are immediately revoked.  If the EMP is cancelled after 6 months, member will continue to receive EMP benefits till the end of their paid current cycle. 


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